The California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets supports vibrant and transparent relationships between producers, market managers and communities. Through education, advocacy, and promotion we work to ensure a robust economy for Certified Farmers’ Markets

Alliance Structure

The California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets is hosted by the Ecology Center, which serves as a fiscal agent for the Alliance. The Alliance has a 13-member steering committee that helps chart the direction and activities of the organization. In the first term, Steering Committee members applied and were selected by the Selection Committee. For future terms, five Steering Committee members will be elected and the remaining 8 appointed. Elections will be based on geographic region.


In 2011, the Ecology Center recognized the need for an inclusive and effective industry group for farmers’ market operators and managers and began reaching out to colleagues from across the state to catalyze a discussion and gauge their interest in forming a statewide farmers’ market coalition. The response was extremely positive and, with the generous support of the Columbia Foundation, the first meetings were convened in late 2012 and early 2013. These meetings were designed to assess interest in the formation of an alliance and identify areas of opportunity and need.

Steering Committee

For more information about our steering committee members, visit our steering committee page.