Alliance Awarded 2021 FMPP Grant

The Ecology Center was awarded a Farmers’ Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grant to further the work of the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets over the next three years.

This statewide initiative is designed to bring new shoppers to farmers’ markets and increase repeat shopper frequency, strengthen the identity and recognition of farmers’ markets, and build the managerial, marketing, and compliance capacity necessary to meet the challenges that the California farmers’ market industry faces.

Projects over the next three years include creating and launching a statewide Local Food Systems Promotion & Marketing Internship Program (interns and Alliance staff pictured above), social and earned media campaign using farmer-focused videos, images, and content; continuing beginning and advanced farmers’ market management trainings across the state; rolling out the FMC’s Farmers’ Market Metrics tool to Alliance membership, in order to enhance the tracking of data for evidence based market management and evaluation; and strengthen and build the Alliance organizational and Steering Committee capacity.

We are grateful to have been selected by USDA AMS to do this important work and hope this will strengthen the membership of the Alliance, as well as the farmers’ market industry across the state and nation. To see a full list of FMPP grant recipients, visit USDA AMS’ website.

Visit our Promotions page to watch the CA Alliance of Farmers’ Markets promotional videos.
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