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COVID-19 & Farmers' Markets

Anti-Racist Resources & Actions

Farmers’ Market Statements of Solidarity

Black Farms + Organizations

Anti-Racism Resources

Actions to take

  • Join the Movement for Black lives in this week of action and sign the Black Lives Matter petition to defund the police.
  • Support the Movement – Places to donate
  • In your hometown, figure out how much your city or county’s budget is spent on policing and start making calls. Call the mayor’s office, call the local council member and tell them to redirect police funds to affordable housing, to healthcare, public transport, employment training, any and all other public services as long as we divest from police budgets and invest in our communities.
  • Donate to organizations doing the work on the ground — like BLM Los Angeles, BLM Long Beach, BLM Bay Area — and donate to our partners at the National Bail Fund Network.
  • Educate yourself and those around you on how you can be a better ally to the Black community (Some Resources above.)
  • If you’re undocumented or have DACA, you can still get involved! It is important, however, that you are informed about your rights and the consequences of an arrest before attending any in-person events.

Market Manager Professional Development

For Producers

  • The California Agricultural Mediation Program offers free mediation services for any farm loan or credit issue or adverse decision from the USDA.
  • Food Liability Insurance Program: Product liability insurance is essential to the financial security of farmers market vendors, yet can be hard to find and unaffordable. FLIP supports farmers market vendors by making it easy and affordable to get insurance coverage for general liability, product liability, and business personal property.

Consumer Education

Codes & Regulations

Market Promotion

Access & Equity

State and Federal Policy


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