House Farm Bill Defeated
The House version of the Farm Bill housed many threats to local and regional food systems, including farmers’ markets. On Friday, May 18 the bill failed in the House, 198-213. 30 Republicans joined 183 Democrats to defeat the bill. The Alliance continues to watch what happens with this bill and ensure the interests of CA Farmer’s Markets are represented.
Draft Federal Farm Bill, a Mixed Bag for Farmers’ Markets
In a recent blog post, the Farmers’ Market Coalition responds to the draft Farm Bill legislation released by the House Agriculture Committee last week. It has ups and downs for farmers’ markets across the country.
Alliance Awarded a 2017 FMPP Grant.
The Ecology Center was awarded a Farmers’ Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grant to further the work of the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets over the next three years. >> READ MORE
CDFA Seeks Comments on Draft Regulations.
Click here to go to the CDFA Regulations page. Note: you will need to scroll down to find the Direct Marketing section where you will see the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Initial Statement of Reasons and Proposed Text. Comments are due by December 7th.
Legislative Primer on AB 1871 and AB 2385
Find out more about these bills and how they impact California farmers. >> READ MORE
California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets has selected its steering committee
The California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets is pleased to announce the formation of it’s inaugural steering committee. Individuals from all over the state come to the committee with a wealth of experience and expertise in farmers’ markets. >> READ MORE
Assm. Roger Dickinson introduces farmers’ market legislation
Today, Assemblymember Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) introduced AB 1871. In an effort to protect consumers, the bill clarifies standards regarding false and misleading advertising, direct marketing registration, food safety self-certification… >> READ MORE
Federal Farm Bill includes $100 million for farmers’ market incentive programs
Buried in more than 900 pages of the new farm bill is a small nationwide program that will allow low-income families to double their food stamp benefits at farmers markets. >> READ MORE